This Membership is for Creating a Digital Lifestyle Business That Allows You COMPLETE Freedom! 

You will learn how to build an email list to market your business, earn passive income through information products and affiliate programs and grow a membership business. You'll be educated and informed, supported and encouraged and given the means to make it happen through regular group partnerships! 

Do Any of These Situations Sound Familiar?..

  • You're a coach or service provider who's ready for change. You're sure there's another way and that you could work with DREAM CLIENTS and take complete control of your time if you could just find time for your own business plans...

  • You've had some business success but the work never stops. You know you need to work smarter, NOT harder. You're ready for passive and recurring income and true time-freedom

  • You've got a good business going on offline and you're ready to take it digital. You're a confident leader who just needs some answers and support to move forward quickly to build a business and lifestyle where every moment is entirely your own.

If this sounds like you I think I know a bit about you. You might even be in the same position I was... burnt out, overworked, overwhelmed with clients and ready to go get a job.

Or at another stage I was doing well, but still working SO HARD and wondering when I could jump off the emotional roller coaster of doing amazing one month and then wondering if your business had just completely tanked the next. 

If you are like me you might also feel like:

  • You’re too busy to make time to build your own business and stuck in the cycle of hours for dollars because of it.
  • You’re used to being a behind the scenes person, so the leader role feels a little awkward and uncertain.
  • You’re not really sure what it takes to create a product and become an information seller.
  • You feel isolated and alone because no one you know locally really GETS what you do! (ie. no one to talk to)
  • You feel completely overwhelmed about the wealth of conflicting info on how to get your business moving further in the direction of passive and active profits!

I completely understand how you feel because I've been there. I've also become a success in spite of it and it's why I now do what I do. It's why I've created the membership you're on this very page to read about.


I'm so excited to tell you more... Keep reading and let's get to it :) 

Introducing The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club

The LLBC, for short, is the community for digital business owners who want to FOCUS on the freedom piece of their business. The club is your source of passive & recurring income training, tools, resources and advice. We'll help you make smart decisions about what to sell, how to work, what to do and how to create a LIFE while building a business. 

The laptop lifestyle can be yours, and we are here to support you every step of the way. 

Here's how the club pays for itself again and again every month you're a member:

  • The lifestyle action plans guide you through creating the kind of business and life you've dreamed of, but never knew how to create.

  • The regular club meetings mean you're never alone, always have answers and never need to be stuck (in any way at all)!

  • The group accountability, community, cheerleading and support is the business mindset and mental support you didn't know you needed but won't be able to live without! 

  • The training library & expert resources give you the information and hands-on help you need to grow and profit.  

Here's What You Can Expect When You Join the LLBC:

Fast-Action Digital Business Plans + Tools

These step by step action plans teach you what you need to know to earn more and work smarter! Plus you get templates, checklists and even business processes to make sure it's done FAST.

Regular Club Meetings, Q&A and Trainings.

We have hot seats that help everyone, we have insider meetings where you learn what works to make money while you sleep, we have in-depth training to make sure you know the concepts you need to earn active & passive income.

Never-Falter Community

There's something really special about being part of a community. Matter of fact we, as humans, have a basic essential need to be part of a circle. This is your circle. We have your back, we cheer you on, we want you to know you can create your Laptop Lifestyle!

In-Depth Training & Courses for Building a Digital Business

Our member library is mighty. You'll get the essential training needed to build the kind of business that supports your life


In 2006 I was a single mom working at a dead-end factory job when I decided I HAD ENOUGH. I had been trying for years to figure out how to be home with my young son and within nine months of becoming a Virtual Assistant I made it happen. 

Over the following years I transitioned from services to a full fledged digital information business. I used my skills and abilities to teach others. I hosted webinars, workshops, coaching programs and then in 2015 I started the LLBC to fully immerse my clients into the world of passive and recurring income.  


When you join the club, you'll be joining a community fully dedicated to building a Laptop Lifestyle.

Here Are a Few Good Reasons...

REAL Accountability so don't Procrastinate

We both know how hard it is to self-motivate when you work alone. Let us help keep you accountable with real accountability that works!

The Push You Need to TAKE ACTION

We don't push ourselves enough. A community working together gives you the push you need. 

Honest FEEDBACK for Quick Corrections

Sometimes we get all out of whack and need someone to give us perspective. No "yes women" in this group, you'll get honest insight and opinions!

Training, Answers & Tools WHEN NEEDED

You can't be waiting to get what you need until someones schedule is in line. You need help now. It's in the member's library. 

Here are the club action plans & toolkits ready for immediate download and use...

AND I've Saved the BEST for Last... Group Collaborations
We're doing something pretty neat and pretty unique in the LLBC. We are working together to grow our business in REAL and MEASURABLE ways! 

In September of 2018 we held the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle which made 545 sales and generated an income of over $14,000 for members. This was just the beginning. We now have planned the following:
BLOGmas Blog Collaboration - December 2019
Laptop Lifestyle Giveaway - March 2019
Laptop Lifestyle Telesummit - June 2019
Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle - September 2019


As a member of the club you will be more than welcome to participate in any or all of these events!

or, why you should join the club:

  • This Club is My Heart

    I'm not just kinda in, I'm ALL IN as your leader of the LLBC. I know what it's like to beg for a night off to go to your kid's first Christmas concert. I know what's like to be depressed from business failings. I know what it's like to have family and friends thing you are CRAZYKAKES. I'm here and I get it. I'm all in. 

  • My Experience Goes Back to 1999

    I don't know a ton of people who can say they got started on their first website, as a hobby, in 1999. Who made their first ecommerce sale in 2002. Who have been working as a digital business owner since 2007 full-time and supporting a family most of that time. I can and I'm PROUD to be your leader in the club. 

  • Our Members are the Most Awesome

    I decided when I started my group that it was going to be filled with awesome business owners who get stuff done, and it is! Members are smart, savvy, get-stuff-done action takers! We are people focused on real businesses using real skills and making a real difference in the lives of others. 

  • We Grow Our Businesses TOGETHER

    This group not only gives you the tools, training and support to grow your business but ALSO GIVES YOU THE MEANS to do so. Every few months the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club members and I will be doing a JV Collaboration together. In September of 2018 it is the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle we will be earning money plus building our lists as a group. Pretty awesome, right? 

There's Never a Bad Time to Create Your Laptop Lifestyle!
Sign up below and I can't wait to welcome you inside. 

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LIMITED OFFER: Join now for ONLY $1 for 30 Days!

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