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Discover New Products for a Laptop Lifestyle from Smart, Savvy & In The Know Digital Business Owners.

The Laptop Lifestyle Business BUNDLE... Created entirely by members of the LLBC!

What is the Laptop Lifestyle Business BUNDLE? It's a collaboration effort from members of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club (LLBC for short). We have been running a tight ship since 2015 and we have an incredible wealth of member knowledge just bursting at the seams of our little club.


With over 140 members at varying stages of Laptop Lifestyle creation, this bundle features the members ready to teach you the best of their skills, knowledge and resources to help you make the world a better place.


If you've never bought a bundle like this before be sure to scroll to the bottom and read the terms & FAQ so you understand how it works before making your purchase. 


Are you ready? Click the order button below or scroll down to see all the products included in this bundle. You get it ALL for only $27!

Sale runs from September 23rd to 28th,
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Here Are The Products Included in the Laptop Lifestyle Business BUNDLE:

Angela Wills of

Natural Email Marketer Live

Build and Email your list in a way that comes easy to YOU.

Your email list is one of the greatest assets you can ever create for your online business yet many people are VERY intimidated by the entire process. 

I'm taking my popular program, Natural Email Marketer, and hosting it in four live sessions to deliver you the help you need to feel as though your talking to a best friend when you send your emails. 

Learning to be a natural at email marketing will help you bust through the excuses (like - "I can't email MY list that often") and the misconceptions (like - "it doesn't work for me") and do profitable email marketing now and for good! 

Product Value  



Kelly McCausey of

Intimidation Crusher

Identify your sources of intimidation and CRUSH THEM.

Whether you push stubbornly hard against intimidation or shyly hang back, hoping the intimidation will pass - MOST people know they're not playing up to their potential and wish they could do something about it.


Overcoming intimidation in our business is dependent upon you becoming aware of what's really going on and that is my first big goal for you.


Join Kelly McCausey for a three part series where she'll dig into the most common sources of intimidation and share how she's been able to step right over intimidation to create more of what she wants in life and business.

Product Value  



Meredith Eisenburg of

Fast & Focused Marketing Plan

Create a marketing plan that works for your business.

Upon completion of this plan you'll be able to prioritize with ease and define the most important pieces of your business to get results, 


Modules are delivered in "listen in the car" friendly short downloadable audios. Each module includes "learn by doing" worksheets and other resources.


Includes a 30 minute session to refine YOUR marketing plan.

Product Value  



Stacey Myers of

Canva Templates

Create downloads that WOW quickly & easily.

Fed up of looking at amazing documents others have put together but struggling to make your own? 


Stacey Myers has created some Canva templates for you. 

All you need to do is load them in to Canva, change them to your brand colours (which is super simple to do) and then add your content. Job done! It doesn't get much simpler than that!

Product Value  



Amber Fuller of

Setup a Digital Business 

Learn how to start a location independent business.

Setting up your online side business doesn't need to be complicated. In this training Amber will show you how you can create your very own online store in a few simple steps.

You get the steps you need to setup shop using the popular online ecommerce platform Gumroad. This is a great choice as it gives you access to a wide range of tools to make selling your digital products super easy.  

Training includes sections on: 1) how to plan, 2) how to set up, 3) creating a great product, 4) implementing your marketing. 

Product Value  



Melissa Brown of

Make Your Content Stand Out 

Create content that attracts attention and customers.

Meet live with Melissa via webinar (zoom room) & talk about what you can do to make your education-based content stand out. When your content stands out from the rest of the competition . . . 

  • Your emails are opened and read. Links are more likely clicked, resulting in more sales.
  • Comments and engagement increase on social media with more viral shares
  • Blog posts get read. Comments and engagement increase!
  • You start being seen as the go-to person in your niche since your standout content is the most memorable/helpful for your target market.

You'll meet on Tuesday October 9th in zoom for a  training and interaction. Come back on October 11th for brainstorming and Q and A.  Try to come live to participate and get the most benefit from the sessions, although both will be recorded.

Product Value  



Renee Shupe of

Google Analytics Toolkit

Get right to learning what's working so you can grow.

Learn how to use Google Analytics without the confusion. Get clear on what you need to do and know to make your business grow with stats. With this toolkit, you get: 

  • 5 easy to read key reports all website owners should be monitoring.

  • Renee's personal Google Analytics dashboard that installs in seconds to make it easy to see what's happening at a glance.

  • Plus Renee's Google Analytics guide that walks you from installing it on your site to knowing what you're actually looking at.

Product Value  



Susie Jumper of

Jumpstart Your Health

Get a jumpstart on a healthier version of you.

Jumpstart Your Health is a four-day guide that includes clean eating recipes for three meals each day, including a shopping list. Tips on how to change your mindset and let go of what's holding you back.


And, an overall energy guide to cleanse your mind and body and start to go after your ideal life. 


This will help them make the shift to cleaner way of eating, and get them out of a scarcity mindset. 

Product Value  



Lori Winslow of

Bullet Journaling For Online Business Owners

The beginner's answer to bullet journaling for business success.

Here's what you get with the Bullet Journaling package:

  • Step by Step Video Training
  • Ebook
  • Ideas for Collections/Pages

This package will teach you a system for bullet journaling, how to set up your initial pages easily, the uses for different pages to maximize your offers and the many benefits of bullet journaling. 


Journaling is a very effective mindset, organization and motivational tool. If you haven't tried it yet, now is your chance! 

Product Value  



Avery Wilmer of

Any Sparkle Content Product of Your Choosing

Choose any pre-written content you like.

Pre-written content can be used to help you create blog posts, host Facebook Lives with ease, use it as social media posts, bonuses for your own products and training and more.

The options are endless and it's one of those rare short-cut options you may want to take advantage of!

The brandable content (PLR) packages on Sparkle Content include 1 short report, an eCover, 10 social-friendly images, a mini workbook, and an opt-in page done for you.

Product Value  



Krishna Woods of

Nail Your Business Focus

Create an avatar to bring your ideal customers to life.

Need help identifying your ideal customer/client?  This ebook and accompanying workbook will help you to easily identify your ONE ideal customer.


You'll be able to know exactly the needs of your target audience so that you can tailor your message to meet their needs.  You audience will be lined up with the product and services you create because they will speak directly to what they want.

Product Value  



April Lemarr of

Three Done for You Content Bundles

Take the advantage and profit with pre-written content.

Done-for-you content that you can download, brand, add your own unique voice and stories and then use as your own.  You can add this content to your site, in your emails or as a product you create. 


Pre-written content is created for the sole purpose for bloggers to have content at their disposal that they don't have to personally create saving them.  This saves you time researching and coming up with topics while allowing you to get fresh content on your blog consistently.

You'll receive three $37 coupon codes to choose from a variety of content, plus a report for download called "11 Ways to Profit with Pre-Written Content"

Product Value  



Ruth Bowers of

The Creative Repurposing Course

Turn pre-created coloring designs into a variety of content.

Creative Repurposing shows you how to get the most out of your images so that "one and done" is a thing of the past. The course includes modules on:

  • Where to find images you can legally use
  • Creating new images from existing ones
  • Working with Line art and Patterns
  • Creating Journal Templates with your new images
  • Repurposing your images as book covers
  • Repurposing your images for POD sites


Your course also includes access to a customers' only Facebook group and a bonus pack of images you can use to get you started. 

Product Value  



Sue Fleckenstein of

2019 Blog Planner

Get your blog ready to rock the new year.

Get Sues's updated 2019 Blog Planner. It contains 228 pages of templates ready to use for your own blog. Or brand it as your own and resell or give it away to build your list. 


This year's version contains new designs, floral images & a fresh blue color. Includes a 2019 Calendar with notes and an undated Weekly 2 page spread planner. 


Comes in an easy to edit PowerPoint format. Quickly change out the fonts & colors to create a version unique to your business.


Product Value  



Christina Lemmey of

K.I.S.S. Podcast Setup

No-fluff, get set up podcast help.

Keep It Super Simple. That’s Christina's motto and that’s how she teaches her clients to setup their very own podcast. No more getting stuck on technology; no more procrastination because you don’t know where to begin.

This package includes a video demonstration of all the steps needed on the backend to setup your podcast to share with the world. It covers how to publish a podcast without a website; the plugins you need to publish on your WordPress website; and how to submit your feed to iTunes. These tasks only need to be completed one time; then you just record your episodes and share with your audience. 

As a bonus you’ll receive a comprehensive checklist from start to finish of everything you need to start podcasting as well as a quick into to an open source audio editing program you can use to edit mistakes out of your podcast. 

Product Value  



Tammy Lorette of

The Ultimate LinkedIn Planner

Plug into an opportunity to find GREAT clients.

 The LinkedIn Planner is a 21 page - 8 step process to help you set up your new profile or boost your existing profile and help clients find YOU!  

Included in the 8-steps:  Step 1: Set Up Your Account, Step 2: Optimize Your Profile for Search, Step 3: Find and Connect with Your Ideal Clients, Step 4: Find, Join and Participate In Relevant Groups, Step 5: Create Your Own LinkedIn Group, Step 6: Share Valuable Content, Step 7: Share your Article or Post and Step 8: Promote Your Best Products and Programs.  

If you’re not using LinkedIn to find new clients for your business, you’re missing out.  

Product Value  



Mascha Weston of

Ease Into Green Living

Implement easy steps to a lifestyle change you're proud of.

Would you like to do more to protect our precious planet, so our kids and theirs have a future, but think you need a lot of money or don't know where to start?

This e-book, Ease into Green Living, takes the overwhelming feeling out of the lifestyle change by giving you easy to implement steps that don't need a great time effort from your side. And this regardless of you living in a city or countryside. 

At the end you will be doing your part to protect our precious planet without thinking about it and you will be saving money at the same time.

Product Value  



Val Selby of

Finding Your Balance Workshop 

Find your strength to create your perfect balance.

All of us women have to battle figuring out what needs to be done, should be done, and you actually want to do.


While that changes each day, there are steps so you can make the choices quicker. Work through the ten days of challenges, watch the webinar and fill in the workbook.


Val would love to hear your feedback at the end of the self-study workshop. 

Product Value  



Samantha Angel & Kelly McCausey of

Pick Your PLR Package

Done for you content of your choice.

At White Label Perks, we offer a wide variety of online business and self development topics that rev up your list building efforts.


Our signature packages include:

  • Five Blog Posts Written As A Series
  • 10 Beautiful Social Friendly Graphics That Match The Content (with PSD files you can edit)
  • 30 Social Blurbs Making Your Promotion Easy!
  • A Special Report Version of the Content
  • A Printable Workbook That Compliments The Content
  • An eCover & Optin Graphic (with PSD files you can edit)
  • 3 Autoresponders Ready To Load Up
  • And, Opt-in Copy to Make it Easy for You to Get Your Landing Page up Quickly

We also have mini packs, doodles and coloring designs and a large package on Starting Your Own Ghostwriting Business. Mix and match to get just the right brandable content for your business!

Product Value  



Teresa Miller of

Freestyle Business Card Book 
Action Plan & Toolkit

Define your mission, business & brand with this one book.

A book will establish your expertise in your field like nothing else will. It is the ultimate symbol of authority and is also a way to showcase your business products and services and highlight your brand.


A Business Card Book takes that one giant step further and is THE Book you use to define yourself and your mission, your business and your brand, all in one creative self-published book of awesome!


The Freestyle Business Card Book Action Plan will show you exactly what goes into your Business Card Book, and how to put it together. The Toolkit will provide all the tools you need to make sure it’s easily and quickly done, with worksheets, checklists, templates, and even a mindmap!

Product Value  



Julie Herndon of

Your Social Plan 

Take the struggle out of social media, save time & get engagement.

Your Social Plan is daily social media planner with three customized social media posts, daily marketing tip, daily engagement checklists and places to keep up with your social strategy – from sales, promotions, coupons and discounts, blog posts, holidays, events and more. Use them to keep up with daily goals and tasks as well. 

Daily Social Planners for each day of the month that include:

*  31 daily planning worksheets      *  3 daily customized post ideas
*  41 Brand-able inspiring graphics    *  93 social post ideas (60/2 a day completely done-for-you... ready to copy and paste)     *  10 BLOG POST IDEAS
*  5 Month-specific Promo Ideas    *  3 Fill-in-the-blank Story Telling Templates
*  31 marketing tips   *  Daily engagement checklist  *  Daily Holidays and National Days
*  Daily Hashtags  *  Daily Goals   *  Daily Tasks  *  Daily Marketing Tasks 
*  10 Original holiday images


The Your Social Plan social media planner will help take the struggle out of social media while helping you get more engagement and saving time.

Product Value  



Bo Johnson of

Create Your Biz Brand Board in Canva

Create a strong brand identity to attract your BEST customers.

Are you ready to make your online presence look amazing?  Creating a strong brand identity is key to creating a consistent look across all of your physical and social platforms. One way to stay consistent with your brand is to create a brand board.


Learn how to easily create your own biz brand board using the free version of Canva. 

Plus, receive your own Branding Workbook to get all your branding assets ready– from logos, fonts, to your color palette.


Here's what you get:

  • Workbook to create your brand
  • Brand board checklist
  • Brand board template in Canva
  • Video tutorial to customize your template

Product Value  



Patrysha Korchinski of

30 Days to Champagne Marketing on a Beer Budget

Design a marketing plan that WORKS.

30 minute daily lessons that walk you through the development of a marketing plan that works for your business.


Work at your own pace through the daily 30 minute emails with full support of an integrated marketing specialist. Patryha has over 15 years of experience with clients in high end photography, medical and clinical spa services, bed and breakfasts, dog breeders, landscapers, and sellers of sports accessories.


If your business needs a marketing plan, she can help!

Product Value  



Jesica Helgren of

Rock Your Facebook Group

Build a Successful Facebook Community.

Jesica will show you what you need to know to turn your Facebook group into an engaging community that can not only help you build your brand, but also grow your email list and increase your sales potential.

This package includes two downloads: A “7-Step Guide To Building a Successful Facebook Community” and “50 Daily Prompt Ideas” that you can use right away to spark conversation in your community.

In addition, you’ll receive access to Jesica in three scheduled live video sessions in a private Facebook group created just for those who have purchased the Laptop Lifestyle Bundle. In these sessions you’ll receive training on how to set up your group for success, create a purpose for your group, and create content for engagement. You’ll also have a chance to ask any questions you have during the live sessions directly to Jesica.

Product Value  



Gabby Conde of

Tap Into Your Intuitive Business Skills 

Make decisions quick & easy using your inner guidance.

Ever been stuck making a decision in your business? Make faster, more effective decisions using the Tap Into Your Intuitive Business Skills tool pack. Conscious business decisions align your core values, purpose and strengths. Tap into creative solutions, branding, and products.


Get this guidance tool pack to tap into your intuitive business skills quick and easy. Plus, these pre-written coaching tools come with white label rights so you can brand them and use them as content for your audience and clients.


Here’s what you receive:

  • Report on tapping into your business intuition

  • Tool kit of templates and how-tos

  • License to brand and re-use the content

Product Value  



Mark Hunter of

 Creating a WordPress Website

Client case study in Elementor.

Creating attractive websites was difficult not so long back. Fortunately, with tools like Elementor and Divi; the process has been streamlined.


Watch Mark quickly setup WordPress websites and design them through a real life case study [Video Tutorial].

Product Value  



Shantell Sweeney of

 Quick & Simple PLR Transformation

Fast & unique content your audience will love.

How to quickly create a full product for your customers from one e-book.

This quick start guide shows you simple shortcuts to help you quickly transform your PLR E-Book.


You will be able to:

  • revamp that e-book!
  • create your powerpoint presentation in one simple click!
  • give your presentation a voice, (even if it is not yours)!
  • and add fresh images in a snap!

 The product includes Simple Step By Step Checklist, Quick Resource Guide, 3 E-books with PLR Rights to use to implement your training.

Product Value  



Scott Styles

Kunaki Genius

Send physical products your people will love with ease.

Learn how to leverage your digital products and quickly turn them into physical products, on demand.  This is also a great service to offer to your clients.



  • physical products are fun, easy to make, and command a higher purchase price
  • position yourself as an expert with your own physical products
  • turn your digital product into a physical product with higher perceived value
  • let your audience take a piece of you home (via a physical product)
  • turn a client's digital assets into a physical product to help increase credibility
  • position yourself as a physical product expert


Product Value  



Shannah Holt of

 One Month to Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants

Wellness to weight loss program.

What if I told you you could lose the weight once and for all without deprivation or overwhelm? 

Try out my program for a whole month so that you can: 
Kickstart that weight you haven’t been able to shed for years.
* Build physical strength, energy and balance in your body.
* Gain mental confidence, no longer hiding at home behind your computer screen. 
* Let go of food confusion, learn what to do, how to do it.
* Get off diet rollercoasters, once and for all, and never look back.
* Not have to be in the journey alone!

No rebill required to claim your month of membership. 

Product Value  



Maria Silvo of

Coloring Journal Creation Step by Step Guide

Create a coloring journal to maximize coloring content.

The coloring book industry grew slowly but steadily around 2013, exploded and reached its peak by late 2016 till early 2017, then withered away and is now taking a backseat. For those who have collected a ton of coloring assets, are into the creation of coloring designs, or are looking to pursue self-publishing, you can salvage the situation.  


Combine coloring with journal creation as your ticket to maximize what you already got. This step-by-step guide on How to Create Your Own Coloring Journal shows you how. 


You get a PDF file that details the steps, a Gratitude Coloring Journal to serve as sample guide, plus a Coloring Journal Creation Kit with private label rights (PLR). 

Product Value  



Gill Fernley of

Brilliant Blogging Results For Your Business

Start your blogging off on the right foot.

From blogging basics, such as choosing the right platform and finding your audience, to getting great traffic and monetising your blog, the Brilliant Blogging Results for Your Business ebook is packed with practical tips, including how to write epic content and blogging your way to the bank.


If you’ve never blogged before and want to start off on the right foot to make sure you build your blog the best way for your business, this is the book for you.

Product Value  



Dortha Hise of

VA Prep Checklists & Worksheets

Maximize your time with smart and easy outsourcing.

Get clear about what you want to delegate, who you want to work with and what you will do with your reclaimed time!


It includes questions to ask your potential virtual assistant, a place to track your logins and notes to make regarding your budget, must haves and future wants for you and your business.

Product Value  


Michelle Waters of

180+ Days of Quickwriting

Take five minutes per day to become a better writer.

Daily quickwriting can help build your mental writing muscles. In just five minutes per day, you can respond to a writing prompt that will help you:

  • Practice multiple modes of writing, including:

    • Narrative (helps you tell your story)

    • Argumentative (helps you practice your persuasion skills)

    • Creative (helps you practice thinking outside the box)

    • Informative/expository (helps you practice presenting information)

    • Reflective (helps you think back over your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in a way that can help you connect with your clients and customers in the future)

  • Develop short written pieces (quickwrites) that can be expanded to longer texts, such as:

    * Blog posts  * Articles  * Podcast episodes  *Tweet threads  *Short stories  *Poems  *Essays  *... and more!

Product Value  


Sharon Woodcock of

Journaling for Business Success

Mindset is everything. Strengthen yours with journaling.

This 10-Day Journaling Bootcamp for online service-based business owners will help you gain clarity on your business mission & vision and strengthen your mindset, for a business that's more aligned and primed for success.


Your Bootcamp includes three training videos/audios and daily journaling prompts and exercises + Business Success Roadmap. 


Starts on: Monday 8th October

Product Value  


Sonya Williams of

Money Mindset Makeover Bundle

What you need to know to attract more money & abundance.

While there are plenty of books, apps and other financial tools out there that provide information and teach you how to manage your money, the fact is, many people don’t use them!

That’s why I focus on your mindset and particularly, your money mindset. I love helping you to discover and release your limiting beliefs about money so you can create the financial prosperity and abundance you desire. This will then allow you to live your best life now and focus on what matters most to YOU (family, health, travel, etc.)!

This bundle includes:

·         5 Steps to Makeover Your Money Mindset

·         20 Ways to Support Your Abundant Money Mindset

·         Money Manifesting Ideas to Support Your Abundant Money Mindset (audio)


As a bonus, you will receive a $30 savings if you book your Money Block Clarity Session by November 30, 2018! Let’s get started creating your financial prosperity and abundance now!

Product Value  


Lisa Cope of

Six Email Crash Courses Bundle 

Set up these email courses, add subscribers and an offer & profit.

Kick your list building into high gear with this bundle of six email crash courses.

They come with a ready to go landing page, so all you have to do is set them up and start adding new subscribers to your list.

Product Value  


Nicole Teeter of BackOffice Tasker

Bookkeeping Basics, Tips & Tricks

Know the financial health of your business.

Keeping it simple this short ebook is designed to take the overwhelm out of bookkeeping. It will give you a basic understanding of bookkeeping,  bookkeeping terminology used and provide tips to make bookkeeping less overwhelming.


This guide will help you to easily record your business transactions allowing you to truly know the financial health of your business.


Included will be sample financial reports, a list of business expenses you should be claiming and some great tips on how to keep yourself audit ready.

Product Value  



Jenny McKee of

Find Your Fabulous Webinar

Out of the funk and into the flow.

Live Wed Oct 17th 7pm EST

Are you feeling a bit stuck in your life?  Have a desire burning inside you… but afraid to let it out?  Not even sure WHAT you want, but know you need something to change? 


If you're like most women, you’ve been giving all your time, attention and love to your family, your career, your friends… and somewhere along the line you forgot to give some of that to yourself.  You feel guilty about even THINKING about doing something for yourself... let alone pursuing a dream!  Maybe... your negative chatter in your head tells you you're not good enough or worthy of your desires... Sound familiar?


Ready for a change? Join Inspired Life Coach Jenny McKee of Creating Inspiration and learn how to feel better, live happier and become who you were meant to be... and Find YOUR Fabulous! 

Product Value  



Shannon Smith of

Bringing Family Dinnertime Back PLR 

Making dinnertime simple, beneficial & fun for your audience.

Eating dinner together with your family is a great way to make amazing memories, eat better, and improve relationships.


If you want to teach your audience about how simple, beneficial and fun this can be you’ll want to get this done for you package that you can use as is or make your own by adding pictures, beefing up the recipes with brand names, and even more.

Product Value  



Glenda Mills of

Getting Over Going Live 

Ditch the fears of facebook live and get visible.

Fears of doing Facebook live are still common and those fears are keeping you small.  You wouldn’t let someone stand in the way of delivering your gifts or sharing your message so why let Fear do it? 


Are you ready to finally ditch the fears of going live give your business the visibility it deserves? 


Join Glenda in this 2 hour virtual workshop where we will identify the fears standing between you and going Live and take back our power with a simple yet powerful technique.


Virtual Workshop October 13th 2018 11am PST time
This workshop will be recorded.

Product Value  



Lisa Rankin

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone 

Forget the status quo and watch your business grow.

Smash the status quo so you can move forward.
Identify your fears so you can develop a mindset for change.
Step out of your comfort zone so you can inspire and facilitate those around you. 
Make your new change mindset part of your daily routine so it becomes easy for you.

This transformation mini course includes:
4 Module Course Guide
Workbook with Action Steps
BONUS 'Cheat Sheets' for Quick Implementation and Key Takeaways
And Live Webinar in Oct.

Product Value  



Tomi Kareis of

Workbook Templates

Easy to edit templates for your next project.

12 pages of PowerPoint templates designed with plenty of options for you to create a wide variety of products. From ebooks to worksheets, and course workbooks to content upgrades, you will be able to use these templates again and again in your business. 


Each template set comes with 1 cover design, 1 introduction page, and a mix of checklists, worksheets, and written content pages for endless combinations and possibilities.

Product Value  



Terms of Offer & FAQ for the Laptop Lifestyle Business BUNDLE

Please read the following terms of sale and FAQ on this bundle carefully. 


The two most important things for you to know are that 1) there are no refunds and 2) you must access each product individually through the contributors shopping cart or email sign up. For more details see the FAQ below. 

What is your refund policy ?

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