No More Procrastinating & Waiting for Perfection! It's time to Create Info Products FASTER than you ever thought you could...

I've seen it time and again. I've lived it, too. 


Stalling on creating that product because you don't have the time, it's not good enough, you don't know enough or you don't know if people will actually pay you money for it. 

There was a time many years ago when I was feeling pretty darn desperate to get off the hours for dollars hamster wheel I'd put myself on and break into passive income. 

I remember so clearly talking to a friend and telling her I needed an idea! I needed something to SELL. 


Instantly she said: "You should do a coaching program on WordPress, you're sooo good at that. 


And with that I got inspired! I knew that I could help people. I had NO time for pre-creating content because I wanted to get out of client work immediately so I set to work on a salespage that listed out the ways that I would my new clients how to set up their awesome WordPress websites. 


It worked! People started buying my product BEFORE I EVEN CREATED IT and I learned that I could create products fast, very fast. 


I've used this method over and again over the years as I created that first product in 2010. I've used it to create Live Workshop products, Challenges, eCourses, eBooks even and more. Pre-sell, profit, release the product. 


And now I'd like to teach you, step by step, how to create your own fast product. 


Introducing... Fast Product Creation Action Plan + Toolkit

If you're looking to create more income and greater leverage info products are definitely the way to go. Here's why:

  • The obvious thing, of course, is that you only have 24 hours in a day. Your income has a limit with info products. They are infinitely scaleable.

  • Instead of answering the same questions over and again from clients and customers you can let your products do the work for you, and you'll do a much more thorough job in those than a quick one-off answer. 

  • It's significantly easier to sell more great products to your loyal clients than it is to find new buyers for the same product. Your people want more from you and they already know, like and trust you! 

The fast action plan walks you through creating a simple product, fast, but I've also included more resources for you.

Here's what you'll get additionally:



  • Product Type Checklist
  • Shopping Cart Setup Checklist
  • Salespage Creation Checklist
  • Kartra Product Setup Checklist



  • Fast Product Creation Business Process Doc & Template
  • Welcome Email Template:

This Action Plan Available Exclusively to Members of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club
What you get when you join the club:

  • LIVE Workshop & Recording + Transcript

    On Thursday, September 13th we will meet from 11am - 2pm ET. There will be training pockets and working pockets for each section of the Fast Product Creation Action Plan. You'll work on setting up your first, or next, product in those few hours we're together!

  • Action Plan, Courses, Community & Support

    The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club is a very special and unique support system for business owners who are ready for complete lifestyle business freedom. We have a focus and our entire membership is built around that. You'll get training, meetings, an active group and more to help you grow and profit on your terms

  • Community Collaborations to Grow Lists & Make Money

    One of the most AWESOME parts of the club is that we WORK TOGETHER to build our email lists and grow our businesses! This comes in the form of group collaborations, with our first one being a PRODUCT BUNDLE in September. You're right on time to join us! 

All the best to you and I hope you get to live your Laptop Lifestyle!


❤ Angela Wills
Kind & Friendly Person